The Best Electric Radiators Reviews – Compare the top 10

When it comes to our homes, the humble radiator has long been a stalwart of home heating. Keeping us warm on those cold winter evenings, through to drying our clothes and ensuring we can run around the house in our bare feet. The radiator hasn’t changed much in decades, whether it’s hot water or oil being pumped through them, they radiate warmth into our lives and homes.

However we are increasingly seeing electric radiators being used in modern homes and new builds. Yes, gone are the days of having to bleed your radiator and other messy maintenance, for the modern generation use a thermo-dynamic gel or liquid that is so much more efficient than oil or water. With so much choice available it can be daunting, however with our comparison table below you will be able to find just which electric radiator is best for you.

ModelNameWattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
 Futura 400W FUTE400B Electric Radiator with Timer & Thermostat40040325.0wall/freeYY££4.8
Haverland Designer RC Wave RC5W 800 Watt Wall Mounted Electric Radiator80064537.4wallYY££££4.7
Winterheat 425W Paintable ECO Low Energy Electric Ceramic Panel Heater42560602.8wallNN£4.4
ADAX Neo Flat Panel 2000W Electric Convection Heater2000143399.0wallYN£££4.3
Econo-Heat 400W Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater40060601.0wallNN££4.3
2.5KW Electrorad Aeroflow German Style Clay Electric Radiator2500128629.0wall/freeYY£££££4.3
Duronic HV101 Black Mica Panel 2.5KW Radiant Convector Heater2500655012freeYN£4.3
Milano Aruba Black Vertical Slim Space-Saving Designer Radiator800241787.8wallYexternal£££4.3
1250W Adax APO Oil Filled Electric Radiator + Wireless Control Panel1250138608.5wall/freeYY££££4.3
Dimplex 800W Electric Panel Heater with Timer80080502.5wall/freeYY££4.2
Prem-I-Air Low Energy 400 Watt Free Standing Or Wall Mounted Panel Heater40034309.5wall/freeYN£4.2
Haverland Designer RC Wave RC11W 1700 Watt Slimline Energy Efficient Electric Radiators1700126537.4wallYY££££4.0
Milano Alpha Slim Panel Designer Electric Radiator - Anthracite60063634.6wallYexternal£££4.0
ExRAD Slimline E3 375 Watt Energy Efficient Radiator375345812.0wallYY£££4.0
The Glen 500W Skirting Heater50082176wall/freeNN£4.0

  • Model – An image of the model to show you how it will look in your home.
  • Price – The exact price often changes especially during special offers, therefore we’ve classified prices as follows £ = around £50, ££ = under £100, £££ = under £200, ££££ = under £500, £££££ = £500+

What are Electric Radiators?

In their simplest form, an electric radiator is a device that radiates heat into the air around it by thermal conduction. This is known as radiant heating and is often used together with convection heating to warm a room. As the radiant heat rises upwards it is replaced by colder air which in turn is warmed by the radiator. This convection cycle continues on and on as the hot air cools it falls to the ground only to be heated again, causing the air in the room to cycle round and round. This ensures all areas of your room are heated to a warm and cosy temperature

Available in a broad range of styles and shapes, they are becoming more popular in the UK whether it be as a replacement for the traditional radiator, a stylish panel heater or a portable column radiator, and of course for the bathroom you’ll want a towel radiator.

What Features Make the Best Electric Radiators?

In our radiator reviews we took into account a number of features to help determine which is best. Those features are as follows…

Wattage – Perhaps the most important measure of a radiators ability is its ability to transfer heat to the room around it. This is normally measured in terms of Watts, and this value can help you determine how efficiently a particular radiator will heat your room. To work this out, you can multiply the size of your room in square metres by 100 which will give you the required wattage. This value can be made up of 1 or more radiators as needed.

Dimensions – The length and width of a radiator is important to help determine if the radiator will fit into a given space. Large radiators are great and give you plenty of heat, however a smaller radiator is more flexible for positioning, particularly when dealing with a smaller room or wall.

One thing a lot of people forget about when choosing an electric radiator is the depth of the unit, sometimes called the projection. By this we mean how much it sucks out from the wall, and generally speaking a slimline radiator that doesn’t extend into the room too much is usually best.

Mounting – As you have probably observed, they can come in a range of styles. Some are designed to be mounted onto the wall, lifting them up off the ground and leaving room for the heat to radiate in all directions. Others are designed to rest on stands on the ground itself, which whilst is great for those radiators you plan on moving around the house. It’s not so good for smaller rooms as it can take up vital space. Finally, you can even get radiators that are designed to be mounted vertically against a wall, which is certainly a unique look and becoming more popular in designer homes.

Timer – One of the more usefull features of any heating system is the ability to have it automatically turn itself on and off at a preset time of the day. Perhaps you want your electric radiator to come on 15 minutes before you usually wake up in the morning, so the house is nice and cosy and you can walk around barefeet. Or maybe you’d like it to have the house all warm for when you get in from work on the evening. Whatever your reason, there’s no doubting the usefull of a timer function and whilst this can be replicated via a timer plug in most cases, advanced programming and schedules are often beyond the scope of a simple plug.

Price – Of course no reviews would be complete without taking into account the price, which is usually a deciding factor when making any purchase. However, keep in mind that upgrading your old radiators or heating system to a modern electric version can save you hundreds of pounds per year, in some cases even more depending on how energy efficient your home is.

What Size Radiator Do You Need to Heat a Room?

This is quite easy to work out once you know the physical dimensions of the room in question. Take the width of your room in metres and multiply it by the length of the room, again in metres. Now, take this value and multiple it by 100 to get the value in Watts that you need to effectively heat your room. You can split this value between multiple electric radiators too.

Room Width(metres) x Room Length(metres) x 100 = Required Wattage

For example, let’s say the room in question is 5m x 5m. Multiplying those together we get a value of 25 square meters for the room. Now, multiplying this by 100 we get a value of 2500 Watts of heating needed. Taking our value of 2500W we could heat the room using one strong 2,500 Watt radiator, or alternatively split it between two separate radiators. For example a 1500W and a smaller 1000W radiator on a different wall.

Of course the above is only a rough estimate and it can vary depending on various factors such as other sources of heat or ventilation. However, it can certainly give you a usefull rule of thumb and can help avoid situations where you’re stuffing tin foil down the back of your radiator in a desperate attempt to get more warmth.

Which are the Best Electric Radiators For Your Needs?

In order to know which radiator is best for your needs, we need to first determine what your needs are. Of course you may have already picked your ideal radiator out from those in our comparison table above. However if not, then you can follow our guide below…

  1. First of all, which room do you intend to use your electric radiator in? Most radiators can be used in any room of the house except the bathroom, which will require a special radiator that is capable of dealing with the excess moisture in there.
  2. Now you know which room you’ll be using your radiator in, it’s time to get out the tape measure. Perhaps you have already chosen which wall you’d like the radiator to be placed on, in which case you should measure the maximum available space for it. This is particularly important when choosing a heater for your conservatory.
  3. Next up, you should multiply the size of the room in square metres by 100 to find the needed Watts to efficiently heat your room. If this is greater than 2,000W then you may need to install multiple radiators, in which case repeat step 2 above for each radiator.
  4. Now you know what Wattage is needed and how much space you have to fit your radiator(s) into, you can decide on the final details such as will they be wall mounted (either vertically or horizontally) radiators, or should they stand alone.
  5. Finally, if you want your radiator to come on at a given time of the day then you will want to choose a unit that features a timer. However, as mentioned above, you can also use a timer plug to replicate this function at a basic level.

Our Reviews of The top 5 Best Electric Radiators in 2019

Now you know what features are important you’re ready to take a look at our in-depth reviews of the best electric radiators…

#1 The Futura 400W Electric Radiator FUTE400B

Futura 400W FUTE400B Electric RadiatorOur top rated radiator is this offering from Futura which is available in a range of sizes right on up to 2000W. This free standing or wall mounted unit comes with a wealth of features that you’d come to expect from one of the better names in household heating. With its ultra slim design, the Futura 400W offers a LED digital display, automatic thermostat and countdown timer so it’s well equipped to heat the modern home. However, perhaps its most important feature isn’t its stylish looks or feature list, but instead its reliability which is second to none. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Futura range.

#2 The Haverland Designer RC5W 800 Watt Radiator

Haverland Designer RC Wave RC5W 800 wattWhilst certainly one of the pricier models in our top 5, the Haverland RC5W has earned its place. Combining stunning designer looks with an impressive list of features, it’s not hard to see that it offers value for money. Available in sizes up to 1700W it’s great for anywhere from a small room right on up to heating a full dining room or even larger. Our favourite feature by far though is that it’s remote controlled, however it can also be controlled directly via buttons on the top of the radiator itself, and is fully programmable.

#3 The Winterheat 425W Paintable Low Energy Ceramic Panel Heater

Winterheat 425W Paintable ECO Panel HeaterWe love this offering from the boys and girls at Winterheat for a number of reasons. First off it’s one of the more eco friendly and energy efficient radiators around, which is always a plus point. Also, rather unusually for an electric radiator, it is fully paintable so you can match its colour to that of the rest of the room. This ensures it blends in with any style of home, or of course you can leave it au-natural should you prefer. The one downside is that it doesn’t have a thermostat built in, simply its either on or its off however consider its super cheap price this is hardly an issue in our eyes.

#4 The ADAX Neo Flat Panel Electric Convection Heater 2000W

ADAX Neo Flat Panel 2000W HeaterThe ADAX Neo is one of the more popular radiators on the UK market and it’s not hard to see why. In fact it would have scored a lot higher in our rankings if it wasn’t for one thing, the lack of a timer. However don’t let this put you off, as it is truly a fantastic radiator and you can always pick up a cheap timer plug to use with the unit and the issue is solved. With its impressive 2000W its more than capable of heating a large room quickly and efficiently. The best is yet to come though as, like all ADAX radiators, it has a truly impressive service record with its high build quality. It’s no surprise that it comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

#5 Econo-Heat 400W Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater

Econo-Heat 0603 400W HeaterAnother radiator at the lower end of the price scale, the Econo-Heat 400W shouldn’t be confused with some cheap and nasty product, as it most certainly is not. True, it doesn’t have all the features the more expensive radiators offer such as an adjustable thermostat. However this isn’t an issue as you can always buy a Thermostat plug into which the radiator will plug, and these are pretty cheap themselves.

Whilst a relative newcomer on the market, this is another radiator that can be painted to suit the finish of your room, allowing it to blend in and provide warmth at the same time. Which is great for the style concious!


As you can see our hand picked range of radiators come in many different forms, all of which are capable of heating your home. With our reviews and ratings above, you can easily find the best electric radiator for you. No matter what your budget may be.

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