Best Electric Heater for Your Conservatory – The Top 3

Central heating is at the core of any home, it keeps us warm on those cold winter nights and provides hot water for our daily needs. However, with the rise in popularity of conservatory extensions it begs the question, how do you heat your new conservatory? Well, one option is hiring a plumber to fit piping and traditional hot water radiators, however this is quite expensive and time consuming.

Thankfully electric heaters and radiators provide a far simpler solution. Simply plug them into a wall socket and you can have energy efficient warmth at the flick of a switch. Unless you have a particularly large conservatory, you will only require the one radiator and we recommend choosing a model that comes with both an adjustable thermostat and a programmable timer.

What Makes a Good Conservatory Radiator?

The adjustable thermostat will allow you to get the temperature just right for you, ensuring it’s not too warm and not too cold. With the addition of a programmable timer you can have the radiator come on at a predetermined time, warming your home and ensuring it’s nice and toasty for when you get in from a busy days work.

Mounting your radiator directly to the wall is the most efficient method as it allows the principles of convection heating to warm your space. However, some people will prefer the ease of portability that a free standing unit will offer.

Whilst the 3 radiators below are exceptional at heating conservatory spaces, they of course can also be used elsewhere in the house should you need. Or for those looking for a low level heater that can be mounted above your skirting board and under conservatory glazing, have a look at our range here.

#1 The Futura 400W FUTE400B Electric Radiator

Futura 400W FUTE400B Electric RadiatorThe Futura FUTE400B is not only our all around top rated radiator but it is also our top pick for a conservatory heater due to its features. Its relatively small size makes it ideal for use in a small space such as a conservatory or caravan, and it’s also available in larger more powerfull sizes too. Couple that with the ability for it to be mounted directly to the wall to maximise heating efficiency, or on the provided stands to give a portable source of heating.

When you also consider the top notch reliability of the Futura radiator and the fact it comes with an adjustable thermostat and programmable timer, complete with digital display. It’s not hard to see why the Futura FUTE400b is our top rated electric radiator.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
40040325Wall mounted or Free standingYY££4.8

#2 The 2000W ADAX Neo Flat Panel Electric Convection Heater

ADAX Neo Flat Panel 2000W HeaterThe 2000W ADAX Neo flat panel radiator may well be overkill for most conservatories, but its massive 2000W is capable of providing quick and powerfull heat to any room of your house. Its stellar reputation is well deserved and it offers a staggering 6826 BTU (British Thermal Units) which is enough to comfortably heat even a north facing 16m square room!

However it does have one negative point, in that it doesn’t come with a timer as standard. Though this is not a huge issue as you can pick up a timer plug from any DIY store for little more than a few pounds. Another thing to note is that this unit is wall mounted only, and fixing it to the wall is a relatively straightforward task as it comes with all the kit needed. Finally, the ADAX Neo is available in a range of different sizes and wattage should you desire a smaller radiator.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
2000143399Wall mountedYN£££4.3

#3 The 1250W Adax APO Oil Filled Electric Radiator + Wireless Timer

1250W Adax APO Oil Filled Electric RadiatorThe second offering from the boffins at Adax-Solaire is one of my favourites, not only because of its range of features but also due to its embracing of modern technology. With an impressive 1250 Watts and offering both wall and free standing options, the APO can compete with most other radiators out there.

What sets it apart from other units is the addition of a wireless control panel. This control panel functions as both a timer and an adjustable thermostat, letting you control your radiator from anywhere you desire. Neat huh? On the downside, it is one of the more expensive models around, and in our opinion this is holding it back from being achieving  a higher rating in our rankings.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
1250138608.5Wall mounted or Free standingYY££££4.3


As you can see there is a range of popular electric radiators that are suitable for use in a conservatory, or indeed any other room of the house. However for me there is one stand out performer amongst them, and that of course is our #1 rated heater, the Futura 400W FUTE400B which offers everything one could want from an electric radiator. Thoroughly, recommended.