Cheap Electric Towel Radiators – Which is the Best?

For active individuals, taking multiple showers per day is not unheard of, but having a wet towel is a real pain! The existing methods of hanging and drying a towel have been around for hundreds of years with little technological advancement, but the time for that is coming to an end. Most people are growing tired of waiting for their garments to dry, so instead look for something that can speed the process up in a cost effective and practical way. Thus the invention of the humble tower heater.

Towel Radiators for Quick Hygienic Drying

Instead of sitting around waiting for towels or other clothing to dry, you can purchase cheap electric towel radiators that will allow you to quickly dry those damp towels. I find there is nothing more annoying than stepping our of the shower and grabbing a towel to dry off with, only to find that it’s still damp. Not to mention that damp towels can prove to be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially in the humidity of the bathroom.

With prices falling by the day, the range of available towel radiators is becoming more and more affordable for everyone. No matter what your budget may be, we’re sure you’ll find your ideal towel heater from our selection below…

#1 Chrome Electric Heated Towel Rail Radiator

The iBathUK Electric Chrome Heated Towel RailWe love this chrome towel radiator so much that we have this very model in our downstairs washroom. Previously we’d bought a few bits and bobs from iBath but this is our first towel rail and we’re really happy with it. Both stylish and functional with its 300W heating element it gives off so much heat that it keeps the washroom warm and toasty all year round.

Whilst a little more expensive than our other two selections, we feel it’s more than worth it for that little extra touch of luxury. Not to mention that it looks stunning when mounted up on the wall.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
30040658.5Wall mountedNN££4.8

#2 Six Bar Heated Towel Rail for Caravans

Closeup of Six Bar Heated Towel RailThis 6 bar towel rail is great for use in caravans or small bathrooms. At only 100W it’s not going to provide a great deal of warmth to the room, however it’s more than capable of drying your towels. On the other hand, it’s cheap to run all year round!

A simple on/off switch allows you to dry your towels after use and save energy when not needed. With the addition of free standing feet, you can move it about the house to dry towels (or indeed any other clothes) as needed. Overall, a decent bit of kit at a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for as cheap as possible then see our next offering below.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
10055.585.79Wall mounted or Free standingNN£4.5

#3 The VonHaus Electric Towel Rail Radiator

The VonHaus Electric Towel RadiatorCheap, portable and efficient, this electric towel radiator has the lot. If I was to have one complaint, it would be that when in free standing mode the rails aren’t high enough off the ground. Effectively this means that the last two rails are only good for small hand towels, otherwise they’d be dragging along the floor.

Overall, we’re very impressed with this offering from VonHaus, at it’s low price you can’t really go wrong. Its only downside is the limited drying space, but it’s more than enough for a few mid sized towels and hand towels.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
10051845Wall mounted or Free standingNN£4.7


  • Cheap with reasonable heat output makes them great for drying towels.
  • You can move free standing units to any room of the house as needed.


  • Do not come with a timer as standard, however you can pick up a cheap timer plug and use outside of the bathroom.


As you can see, there are a wide range of cheap electric towel radiators that you can easily place in your kitchen or other parts of the house as needed. If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest you can find, then the VonHaus electric radiator is the one for you. However for those wanting a little more heat from their device then the chrome towel radiator from iBath is the unit for you.

No longer do you need to use your tumble dryer to dry only a couple of garments. It’s the perfect solution for convenience and saving money!