What are the Most Economical Electric Heaters?

The term “economical” means many things to different people, particularly those who are living in tight quarters in expensive regions of the world. For example, economical electric heaters tend to be useful for both price and energy saving reasons as well as space. Any person living in a flat or home where they are tight on resources should look into an economical heater for their home. That much is obvious.

Below we will outline the various alternatives to economical units and the drawbacks associated with them. Also, we’ll discuss which, in our opinion, are the most economical electric heating systems in the UK.  You will quickly see why such radiators are far better than you would have otherwise expected.

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Traditional Heaters and Drawbacks

It takes more than just cost to determine the most economical electric heatersTraditional options for heaters were great when they first became popular, but are no longer technologically advanced enough. Most of the time, these units take up a lot of space, and aren’t the most efficient of heating methods. This poor efficiency can be compounded for those with bad insulation, as they’re practically throwing money away.

Furthermore, when trying to save space in a small flat or home, it’s going to be hard with traditional heaters. Most of these units are too big for small spaces and end up looking ugly and obtrusive in your space. It is better if you are able to install heating that has more science and modern research behind it.

The drawbacks for these units is obvious, but people who are not aware of better technology are often unaware of just how much modern economical electric heaters can help.

Economical Electric Heaters and Your Home

If you are having trouble with a lack of space in your home, the cost of your bills, or have concerns over the environment, then getting an economical electric heater is a good idea. The reason it is so useful to install this kind of a unit is because of the three benefits below…

  • For one thing you will be able to save a lot of space. Electric heaters that are made for small spaces are often vertical in nature. This makes them a lot more compact and easier to fit in your flat or home. With modern wall mounted slimline heaters you can make the most of any room, without obstructing its flow.
  • More importantly, you get to save a lot of money when you use economical electric heating. Most people don’t realise that electricity, whether it is from coal or another means, can be very expensive. Particularly as the UK government allows its policy to be manipulated by the big energy companies. With an economical unit, you will be able to have it heat your home for a certain time and then shut off later on in the day.
  • Finally, the last advantage is that you actually get to save a lot of energy. Many of our favourite electric radiators are able to heat your home with less energy using a combination of natural and technologically advanced materials. They hold in the heat like insulation and release it slowly so that your unit isn’t constantly drawing electricity. This is great news for not only your energy bill, but also the environment. The less energy that you use the better for everyone!

The Wrong Tool for the Job

It’s worth keeping in mind how important it is to choose the right heater for the right situation. For example, if hubby and I are sitting on the couch watching TV, an infrared heater directed towards us will give all the heat we need. As well as prove to be extremely economical, especially when compared against heating that warms the whole room.

Conversely, if you’re looking to warm the whole of a room then such an infrared heater isn’t going to prove economical at all.


Now you know, economical electric heating can save money and space in your home and still keep you warm and cosy. We’ll be looking at the exact cost of running such a heater shortly. For now, you can find our hand picked selection of the most economical heaters the UK has to offer over here.