Electric Plinth Heaters – Our Quick & Simple Guide

We all know how cold the house can be in the morning. Imagine coming down the stairs to a cold kitchen, stepping on a cold tiled floor. It’s enough to make you shiver! Thankfully you don’t have to suffer, for the addition of a simple electric plinth heater can help warm the cold floor. There is no reason why you should spend a lot of money and have a cold flat or home.

So if you are in the market for a better way of heating your home, you are not alone. There are millions of people trying to get out of the cold with a cheaper energy bill and a more comfortable winter season. If you are looking for economical heaters, you might want to find an option that is electric. With a modern unit, you can save electricity which is not only good for your pocket, but good for the environment.

Electric Plinth Heaters – What Are They?

If you are new to the heater and radiator world, there are a lot different options. Electric heaters and radiators are getting a lot of attention lately because they are easy to install, with no messy piping needed. In particular, plinth heaters are growing in popularity due to the focused heat they can provide and relatively low cost.

An electric plinth heater can help keep your kitchen warm when you need it most.So what exactly is a plinth heater I hear you say? The answer is simple, it’s a heater designed to be placed under the kitchen units, at the baseboard. Here they can focus their heat output at the lowest point of the room. Allowing the heat to gently rise up to warm the rest of the space.

No longer do you have to stand shivering in the kitchen whilst you make your morning cuppa. Simply, kick the on button and your plinth heater will have your toes toasty warm in just a moment.

Of course, these heaters are very much specialised in the location where they can be installed. Thankfully here in the UK many of us have the space under your kitchen units. Alternatively, they can be placed into a non supporting wall for older buildings that have outdated radiators.

Are There Any Downsides?

Due to their location almost on the floor, these heaters can give off a slight burning smell if not used for a while. This is due to stray dust and such being kicked into the heater, however the smell will soon disperse. On a similar note, due to their low position they can be tricky to switch on and off for the less dexterous. Thankfully the switch is generally pretty big so easy to “kick” on or off as needed. Also, many electric plinth heaters will come with a remote control too for ease of use.

These are a very small and efficient electric heater that will not take up a lot of space in your flat or home, but it will produce a decent amount of warmth. In fact, a single one of these can compare favourably to a traditional heater.

Electric Heating Options

Electric plinth heaters are a great way to add heat to your kitchen base units as they’re small, effective and cheap. Not to mention easy to install. With the price of electricity expected to fall in the coming years, you can’t really go wrong with them in our opinion.

There are plenty of options for heating your home, but in general you want to have the most efficient for both space and money. After all, saving electricity and money is going to make your life a lot easier during the winter months.