Gel Filled Electric Radiators

When it comes to energy consumption the western world often uses far more than any other region of the globe. Between Europe and the northern American states, there is so much energy waste, it causes significant crises for other people around the world. In order to reduce this waste and lessen the financial burden of heating your own property, more and more are turning to gel filled electric radiators to increase the efficiency of their home heating.

There are a few major advantages of using gel filled electric radiators, but not everyone knows about them. More importantly, whilst it is somewhat of an investment to get these types of radiators, it is worth it in the end. In this post, we’ll discuss why the traditional radiator might not be the best device for you. Also, how you can use gel filled radiators to get better results.

Advantages of Gel Filled Electric Radiators

Closeup of gel filled electric radiator

If you haven’t already heard about the specifics of a gel filled radiator, there are a few major advantages. Gel filled radiators work similar to oil filled ones, only they are far quicker to heat up in comparison. Not only this but they also retain their heat for longer than their oil filled counterparts. To put it simply, gel filled radiators are the next generation of radiator technology.

Pros – Quick to heat up and retains heat better than other types

Cons – No discernible downsides, this technology is likely to become the norm in coming years.

For people on a budget or those who just want to be mindfull of the environment, it feels like an incredible waste to have an old inefficient home heating system. In contrast, gel filled electric radiators have a technologically advanced method of bringing heat around your home or flat. Thermodynamic gel is commonly used in the more advanced radiators such as the Haverland range. By advanced I’m afraid you can usually read, expensive.

Usually the electric radiator filled with gel is made of aluminium, which offers more efficient heat transfer. It helps to conduct electricity most efficiently and can make a big difference compared to cast iron radiators. Another important aspect about the gel filled radiators is the warranty. Most of them have a very long warranty, often over 10 years, that offers protection and peace of mind.

All About the Efficiency

In the world of radiators and heating you’ll often find the argument of efficiency, particularly where electricity is concerned. Whilst it is true that if you put 1Kw of electricity into an electric radiator you will get 1kw of heat back out, in one form or another. Thus most electric heaters are 100% efficient at turning the electricity into heat.

However, you need to look at the bigger picture here. Whilst both a cheap £10 heater and a £300+ heater are 100% efficient, there are differences in how they heat the room. Taking an infrared heater for example, whilst it is 100% efficient its heat is very much focused in a corridor in front of it. So whilst it’s may be fantastic for heating you up whilst you sit on the sofa watching TV, as soon as you stand up to go make a cup of coffee you’re stepping out of its heat zone and will feel the cold.

Contrast that to an electric radiator that uses radiant heat and convection heating to warm the entire room and you can see that not all radiators are as “efficient” as each other. You really need to consider your own homes needs.

Final Thoughts

When you are installing a gel filled electric radiator, just remember that the benefits are going to be seen in the long term on your energy bills. Perhaps more importantly, it is not going to be so invasive in your flat or home because they aren’t so big. With this high tech device, it’s possible to save a lot of money, energy, and feel like you have a lot more space. There is no reason to not get a gel filled electric radiator if you are in the market for a new way to heat your flat or home.

It’s for that reason that the vast majority of the radiators we feature here at Heat Systems are gel filled.