Low Level Radiators – Which Skirting Board Heater is Best?

For those of us with bay windows or other tall windows it can prove to be problematic to fit a radiator under them. Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a window seat that needs heating? Whatever the reason, you’ll find that normal heaters just don’t cut it when it comes to such a small space.

Thankfully, the answer is here in the form of low level radiators which, simply put, are short radiators designed for mounting just above the skirting board. Whilst they may be short they’re certainly not lacking in power and are available in a range of sizes to fit any space, no matter how short it may be.

We have one of these running the full length of our window seat and i have to say it’s quite amazing the heat it can give off, which is great when sitting and gazing out the window on those cold winter nights. So much so that we’re contemplating adding one to the conservatory as well.

Of course you don’t have to use these low level radiators in a small space, they also look great in place of a standard radiator. Unobtrusive, they practically blend in to most homes.

The Glen 500W Skirting Heater is one of our favourite low level radiators.

So what makes a good skirting heater? Well, obviously size or height is one one of the main features, but beyond that you’re looking for a high wattage which will determine the units heat output, as well as the running costs. You should also look for an automatic thermostat and a programmable timer of some sorts which will make your radiator much more convenient to use…

Our Reviews and Ratings for the Top 3 Low Level Radiators

Now you know what to look for, we can give you our reviews of the top 3 low level radiators, do let us know if you agree!

#1 The 1250W Sunrise Solar Range Radiant Panel Heater

Close up view of the Sunrise Solar Range Radiant Panel HeaterThis offering from Ducasa and truly earns its place at the top of our list thanks to a range of usefull features and exceptional build quality. You’ve likely seen other cheaper radiators around but they simply can’t compare in our eyes, you just need to check our its reviews on amazon to see why.

With a toasty warm 1250W heat the Sunrise Solar also comes with an adjustable thermostat, complete with frost protection. However, where it scores bonus points is that it works purely via radiant heat, which can prove to be a lot healthier for those with breathing issues such as asthma.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
1250120287Wall mountedYN£££4.5

#2 The 1400W ADAX Norel LM Electric Convection Skirting Panel Heater

Close up of ADAX Norel LM Electric Skirting Panel HeaterNext up we have the Norel LM from the clever clogs at ADAX which comes in at a massive 1.6m in length and 1400W of power all packed into a heigh no greater than 18cm. So it’s great for those extended dwarf walls such as in the conservatory.

There is one very minor downside to the Norel, and that is it’s not supplied with a fitted plug, so you will need to add your own or wire it into a junction box as you prefer. Other than that, it’s a fantasticly powerfull heater in an oh so small box.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
1400168188.5Wall mountedYN££4.2

#3 The Glen 500W Skirting Heater

In house view of the Glen 500w skirting heaterYou may not have heard of the manufacturers of this unit, however Glen have worked with many of the worlds best known brands. So it’s no surprise to us that this little skirting heater is hugely popular in the UK. Whilst it only offers 500W of heating, it’s tiny form factor and low, low price make up for it in our opinion.

Just look at the pic to the left and you’ll see just how small this thing is, great for keeping your heating out of sight and with its reliability, out of mind. On the downside, it only features a single heat setting, but if you’re looking for a cheap low level heater you can’t go wrong with the Glen 500W in our opinion.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
50082176Wall mounted or free standingNN£4.0


  • Ideal for use in confined spaces such as under conservatory windows.
  • Low level form factor means they take up no space and don’t obstruct your decor.


  • Usually no support for a timer, though of course this can be remedied with a 3rd party plug timer.


For those wanting power and reliability you can’t go wrong with our #1 selection the 1250W Sunrise Solar which only narrowly beats out the ADAX offering in our opinion. It was a tough decision as the ADAX is significantly cheaper than the Sunrise, however it just edges it out due to its fantastic build quality.

For those seeking the cheapest option then the Glen 500W is a fantastic bit of kit, the only things it lacks are a little power and an adjustable thermostat. Whichever one you opt for, we’re sure you have the info you need to make the right decision for your home.