What Is The Best Wall Mounted Slimline Electric Radiator?

Radiators, we simply love them – they are directly responsible for the cosy atmosphere inside of our homes, especially during those cold winter nights. However, they are not necessarily the most attractive of things. In fact, most people try all kinds of ideas to blend them in. Most commonly, these radiators are hidden behind curtains or boxed off by covers. Whilst blocking them off may not be the most efficient way to distribute heat inside the room, to some the design is often more important.

This is where wall mounted slimline electric radiator can add a touch of the aesthetic to your room, as well as provide the warmth you desire.

Think about the classic bulky radiator. Whilst at first glance it may not seem like they take up much room on our walls, however traditional water filled radiators can extend quite some distance from the wall. Now imagine a super slimline radiator in its place, you’d barely notice it was there if it wasn’t for the warmth given off. Which makes them great for use in a passageway or entrance hall, or anywhere else that space is at a premium.

No longer will you have to hide away your radiators under covers or shelves as they blend in seamlessly with your home. Below you will find our selection of the slimmest radiators around, however if you’re looking for something with more heating power then you can’t go wrong with the Futura range of radiators here.

#1 The Dimplex 800 W Low Wattage Electric Panel Heater With Timer

The Dimplex 800W is one of the top slimline electric radiatorsThe Dimplex 800W is one of our favourite radiators from the cleaver clogs over at Dimplex UK. Not least because it comes with both looks and efficiency. The wall mounted slimline electric radiator features a powerful 800W heat output, so maintaining a cosy atmosphere should never be a problem for you.

Furthermore, you have a little flexibility as well with its three different heat settings.  Whilst this not quite a fully adjustable thermostat that more complete radiators offer, it is enough for most peoples needs.

The good news is that it also comes with two detachable legs on the bottom. Therefore, you can mount it on a wall, but you can just as well keep it as a free-standing unit. At just 6kg in weight too it’s easy to move from room to room as needed.

The radiator comes with a neon indicator, as well as a simple switch for the power. However it’s the 24 hour timer that is one of its most attractive features. It is ideal to find the home warm when you get back home or simply  schedule it to turn off in the middle of the night once you’ve had a chance  to get warm and cosy in bed.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
80080502.5Wall mounted or Free standing3 Heat SettingsY££4.5

#2 The Winterheat 425W Paintable ECO Low Energy Panel Heater

Winterheat 425W Paintable ECO Panel HeaterThe Winterheat 425W is one of my favourite budget radiators – combining good looks and high efficiency with space efficiency. This wall mounted radiator is surprisingly slim at 28mm, which is a little more than an inch. It is square, measuring 60x60cm and installation is a breeze. Though perhaps its biggest selling point is that it is also paintable, not a feature you will often find amongst radiators.

On the downside it comes with an 80cm power cable which isn’t the longest, by a long shot. So you may need to plug it into an extension cord if you don’t have a plug socket nearby.

In terms of technical specs, it is simple but effective. Requiring 425W of power to run, it is cost efficient, and offers a reasonable amount of heat for just 6.3p per hour of use. So your bills will easily be kept under control. Finally, it is also simple to turn on and off with just one basic button and has a LED light indicator, so you know precisely whether it is running.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
42560602.8Wall mountedNN£4.4

#3 The Econo-Heat 400W Wall-Mounted Slimline Electric Panel Heater

Econo-Heat 0603 400W HeaterThe Econo-Heat 400W is our third offering. Lightweight and compact this model is also 60x60cm. However whilst the unit itself is super slim, at just 1cm thick, once mounted to your wall it’s closer to 4cm protrusion taking into account the mounting brackets.

The radiator itself has a modern and sleek appearance and is more suited to contemporary rooms, yet it can match more traditional themes as well. How? Simple! It can be painted any colour you should desire, so it’s certain to suit your décor.

This slimline electric radiator can be installed by even a beginner level DIY enthusiast. It makes a quick and simple project, even coming with the correct drill bit needed for wall mounting.

Power-wise it offers 400W of heating so is similar to what other slimline units offer, which is great for the economically minded. Just make sure that you have a plug socket within 2m though as this is the length of the power cord. Again however, the Econo-heat doesn’t come with a thermostat or timer, so you may want to invest in simple timer plug in to which the radiator will plug.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
40060604Wall mountedNN££4.3

#4 The ExRAD Slimline E3 375W Energy Efficient Radiator

Closeup of the ExRAD Slimline E3 375 WattOur fourth and final offering in this category is the rather marvellous ExRAD Slimline E3. Combining both radiant heat and natural convection currents to warm your room. We’re big fans of this unit as it puts energy efficiency to the forefront, not something many manufacturers think of even these days.

Overall, a fantastic radiator with a wealth of features and technology, which truth be told, would have ranked much higher in our list if it wasn’t for one thing… price. When compared to the other radiators it’s somewhat on the pricier side, though that old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true. Price aside, the ExRAD E3 is a great heater and should certainly be considered.

WattageLength cmHeight cmDepth cmMountThermostatTimerPriceOur Rating
375345812Wall mountedYY£££4.0


All in all, a wall mounted slimline electric radiator can certainly do an effective job of warming your space without taking up too much itself. Forget about the hassle associated with classic radiators that need piping connections and plenty of maintenance. Instead, get your own beautiful radiator and install it wherever you want. Wall mounting is a piece of cake and does not require any experience at all.

With that said, you can’t go wrong with the Dimplex 800W Electric Panel Heater which combines a slimline design and strong heat output with a strong set of features, all for a reasonable price. This way, you can keep the comfort at the highest standards, and also keep the bills under control.